Etienne Cournault

cournault25From 8th to 27th September 2008

Galerie Anne Sophie Duval presented the exhibition of Etienne Cournault. Trained at Nancy Fine Art School, Etienne Cournault was exposed to the cubist and surrealist movements first hand. Painter as well as engraver, he explored techniques on painted glass creating many decorative objects as well as paintings exploring themes integrating stains, graffiti and child drawings in his work. Cournault attracted many renowned collectors including Jaques Doucet.
As a member of the UAM, Union des artistes Modernes, Etienne befriended fellow members Pierre Legrain, Rose Adler and Pierre Chareau.

Approximately 15 pieces will be on view in the gallery, some of which were created in close collaboration with Jean Prouvé and Jean Després.