Primavera – Atelier d’Art du Printemps

In 1912, the leading department store Le Printemps launched Primavera to attune traditional crafts to modern living. Wallpaper, lamps, textiles, rugs, furniture as well as ceramics were designed by the in-house team and executed by workshops selected for the quality of their craftsmanship. Amongst the variety of objects which established the label as an aesthetic and commercial success, Primavera ceramics stand out as a vibrant illustration of the birth of modernity. Primavera ceramics were produced by a number of regional studios, whose traditional craftsmanship was revisited to suit modern taste. Soon, it developed a fruitful collaboration with Céramiques d’Art de Bordeaux (C.A.B.), a studio with an experimental approach which, between 1919 and 1938, broke new technical and formal grounds.